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Myrbetriq (Mirabegron) is commonly used in the treatment of overactive bladder in adults. The medication helps to relax the muscles in the bladder. This in turn aids to reduce the problems with urination. But, why is Myrbetriq so expensive? Myrbetriq is an expensive brand-name medication with no generic option currently available. There are a number of reasons why is Myrbetriq so expensive such as patent laws that forbid the sale of a generic option and unregulated pricing.

What is Myrbetriq?

Myrbetriq is an expensive prescription medication. Its manufacturer is Astellas. Also, the medication is approved by the USFDA to treat overactive bladder signs of urgency, frequency, and outflow in adults. In addition, Myrbetriq is approved for pediatric neurogenic detrusor overactivity (NDO) in children. This is a form of bladder problem that commonly results due to certain neurologic medical issues. Keep on reading as to why is Myrbetriq so expensive.

How does Myrbetriq work?

Mirabegron belongs to the class of drugs called beta-3 adrenergic agonists. This type of drug selectively binds to beta-3 adrenergic receptors. Studies have found an association between this class of medication and obesity and diabetes. Also, the medication was observed to exert a more useful effect on overactive bladders.

How does it act is Myrbetriq relaxes the detrusor. It is a muscle present in the bladder that contracts so as to dispel urine, and relaxes so that it holds it. Its fibers are interwoven, which lets the muscle to stretch as it gets packed with urine. Too tight detrusor may result in a frequent urge to urinate, referred to as overactive bladder syndrome. Read more to learn why is Myrbetriq so expensive.

Myrbetriq dosage:

Myrbetriq tablets can be consumed orally once daily with or without food. In addition, the extended-release Myrbetriq tablets can be taken orally once daily with food.

How long does it take for Myrbetriq to work?

Mirabegron begins working after about three to four hours to relax the muscle around the bladder. Yet, it might take up to four to eight weeks for the person to observe any improvements in his or her signs. Generally, treatment with mirabegron can be lasting. But, why is Myrbetriq so expensive?

How much does Myrbetriq cost?

Myrbetriq cost would differ based upon a person’s insurance plan’s coverage for this drug. Once a person spends the minimum mandatory amount combined on medications (such as the deductible), they might pay merely 25% of the price for Myrbetriq, if this drug is covered under a health insurance company’s drug formulary. For individuals without insurance who require paying the cash price, Myrbetriq price is around $462 for a 30-day supply (30 tablets).

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How much does Myrbetriq cost without insurance?

What is the average cost of Myrbetriq? The average cost of Myrbetriq is $544.03 for a 30-day supply of 30, 50 mg tablets. An annual supply of Myrbetriq might cost nearly $7,000. The Myrbetriq cost with insurance would be less, but copay costs might differ based upon the plan and its formulary. There is no generic alternative of Myrbetriq available of lately on the market. Its active constituent, Mirabegron, an adrenergic beta-3 agonist, is a smooth muscle relaxant.

Reasons why is Myrbetriq so expensive:

No generic option to Myrbetriq is available-

Myrbetriq is a brand-name prescription medication and no generic option is currently available. A generic medication is approved by the FDA. It comprises the similar active constituents as the brand medication and is therapeutically equivalent. Generic medications are classically much less expensive compared to the brand-name medications. When will myrbetriq generic be available? The earliest date that Myrbetriq generic might become available is 2025 when the drug’s patents expire. This is the reason for the question, why is Myrbetriq so expensive.

No alternative drugs for overactive bladder-

Along with the fact that there are no generic options to Myrbetriq available yet, there is presently only one other similar medication approved for treating overactive bladder. Gemtesa (vibegron) has a similar average cost Myrbetriq so regrettably, it is not a cost-saving option. Keep on reading more to learn why is Myrbetriq so expensive. Yet, there is another class of medications named antimuscarinics (or anticholinergic) which are also recommended to treat urinary incontinence and overactive bladder (OAB). Also, these medications help to relax the bladder muscles and are much less costly. Examples of antimuscarinic drugs are:

  • Detrol (tolterodine)
  • Detrol LA (tolterodine ER)
  • Vesicare (solifenacin)
  • Ditropan XL (oxybutynin ER)
  • Toviaz (fesoterodine).

Unregulated pricing-

Contrasting to many other developed countries, prescription drug pricing is not regulated by the government in the US. This implies that drug companies may charge whatever they wish for their products. Often, this may result in high costs for brand medications such as Myrbetriq. With an estimated price of nearly $462 for a supply of 30 tablets of Myrbetriq, individuals who experience overactive bladder would require paying this increased cost until a generic Myrbetriq alternative becomes available for this drug. These are the reasons for the query: why is Myrbetriq so expensive.

Patent laws-

When a brand-name prescription drugs gets approved by the FDA, the pharmaceutical organization that produced the medication is given patent protection. Company’s investment is protected by the patent in developing the drug by providing them special rights to sell the medication for several years to renew their research and development expenses. The patent would usually persist for almost 20 years. After the patents expire, other pharma organizations might begin selling generic versions of the medications at reduced costs.

In a few cases, the pharmaceutical organization would get an extension on their patent protection period by redeveloping a medicine, for instance, by shortening the dosing or the mode of administration of the medication. Extended-release alternatives of drugs are one of the common ways pharmaceutical organizations redevelop products. New means of administering medications might also imply consumption of a medication previously only available by nasal spray and producing an injectable version.

Another instance is dissolvable tablets that don’t require consumption with water. And, this might also aid the pharmaceutical manufacturer to outspread patent protection also. When there is a discovery of a new use for a medication, the pharmaceutical firm might be granted an added 3 years of patent protection under FDA rules. In addition, the Orphan Drug Act also gives pharmaceutical companies 7 years more of patent protection for medications intended for rare conditions that have an impact on 200,000 or fewer individuals.

After the patent expires, other pharma forms are permitted to produce and sell generic options. Yet, as Myrbetriq is a new medication, the patent has not yet expired. This implies that there are no generic options currently available and thus, no price competition for this medicine. Regrettably, individuals advised this expensive drug might require paying the higher brand name cost until a generic medication is approved for sale.

The patents for Myrbetriq are set to expire in 2025, hence there will likely be a generic version available at that time. As a result, these all are responsible for the question why is Myrbetriq so expensive.

Myrbetriq savings:

As with all other drugs, the cost of Myrbetriq might differ. Factors that might have an effect on the price such as:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Treatment plan
  • Pharmacy being used
  • Whether Myrbetriq has a savings program.

To explore what the best price for Myrbetriq for the person, it is important to discuss with the concerned doctor, pharmacist, or insurance provider.

How to get Myrbetriq cheaper?

The high price of Myrbetriq might be a barrier for individuals who actually require this drug. There are a few options available to save on Myrbetriq:

  • Prescription Discount Code: It is easy to find a Prescription Discount Code at MedsEngage. Prescription Discount Code are helpful for saving on this medication.
  •  Myrbetriq Savings Card: The manufacturer of Myrbetriq, Astellas, provides a savings card to eligible people. If a person is eligible, the person may get the first prescription for free. The person can also save up to $70 per month for up to 12 months. It is a must to check with the manufacturer for terms and conditions. This may help to determine if the person is eligible as this offer might also alter.
  • Discuss with the healthcare professional for free samples: Astellas offers doctors with free samples to provide to their patients to assist them get started on the drug.
  • Patient assistance program: This helps to find out if a person is eligible for enrolment into a patient assistance program for Myrbetriq.
  • Pay for the best possible price: if a patient does not have insurance coverage or his or her copay for this drug is too high, patient can shop from different pharmacies like MedsEngage to locate the best possible price. Drug costs may differ according to the pharmacy. A few insurance plans might also cover the cost of this drug from mail-order pharmacies.
  • Get medical recommendation from the prescribing doctor and find out if an antimuscarinic medication may aid the overactive bladder: OAB and urinary incontinence can be traditionally treated with another class of medications called antimuscarinics (or anticholinergic) which are quite reasonable.
  •  Get help from the Medicaid: many state Medicaid plans covers Myrbetriq with a very low (or $0) copay. These state Medicaid programs would usually have strict income needs.

So, where to buy Myrbetriq? Buy Myrbetriq online at MedsEngage at a very reasonable price and avail its benefits.


How long does Myrbetriq stay in your system?

If a person stops consuming this drug, it would take around 10 days for it to be totally out of the body. Signs of overactive bladder might return or might deteriorate.

Which is better Myrbetriq or oxybutynin?

Myrbetriq acts as well as oxybutynin, and it results in some side effects. However, its price may be a barrier. Due to this, doctor might recommend trying oxybutynin first. But if the person has side effects from oxybutynin, or it doesn’t act well, they might be recommended to try Myrbetriq.

How to save money on Myrbetriq?

Getting a 3-month supply:

Person might be capable of receiving a 90-day supply of Myrbetriq. If approved by the concerned insurance company, receiving a 90-day supply of the medication might lower the number of trips to the pharmacy and hence reduce the cost.

Using a mail-order pharmacy:

Myrbetriq can also be available via a mail-order pharmacy. Utilizing this form of service might aid in lowering the medication cost. Some Medicare plans can also aid to cover the cost of mail-order drugs.

What is the average cost of Myrbetriq?

The average cost of  Myrbetriq is around $48.75 for a 30-day supply of 30, 50 mg tablets if you purchase from MedsEngage. A year of Myrbetriq treatment, then, would cost around $490.

What is Myrbetriq used for?

Myrbetriq can be used in adults to treat overactive bladder with signs of recurrent or urgent urination and urinary incontinence.

When to take Myrbetriq?

People might generally consume Mirabegron once a day. It does not matter what time someone consume this drug as long as it is at the same time every day.

Why is Myrbetriq so expensive?

As one might expect, Myrbetriq is quite expensive. Anyone may expect to pay around $468.00 for a 30-day supply of the 25 mg dose, which equals to be nearly $16.00 per pill. One main factor here is that there are no generic options that can compete and draw the cost down. At MedsEngage, anyone can expect to find brand name Myrbetriq at a reasonable cost, the same 30-day supply at the 25 mg dose may be bought for around $58.84. 

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