How to Quit Smoking Easily? – 7 Quit Smoking Tips

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The best way to quit smoking, begins from the mind and then putting that plan into action. So, if you want to quit smoking and take that big leap of faith, then you are in the right place on how to quit smoking or quit smoking drugs? It is never too late to stop smoking.

How can you quit smoking?

An addiction to something is normal, and there is nothing to feel worried about it. But what you can do, is take a stand and bring a change to your life, if whatever addiction you have fallen prey to is destroying your life.

Start by thinking positive and make a plan with a firm decision. Everyone has fallen to some sort of addiction in their lives, but few have broken through those shackles and lived to tell the tale. You too can be that survivor and inspire many others to take that first step.

A UB (University at Buffalo) study released in 2012, found that smokers who consumed the most fruit and vegetables were actually three times more likely to be tobacco-free, than those consuming the lowest amount of fruits and vegetables.

Another study released in 1997, indicated that chewing gum reduces craving and helps with withdrawal when a nicotine-dependent person cannot smoke.

Chantix (varenicline) tablets, is a nicotine free prescription pill with a proven formula that can help you beat the urge to smoke. More than 13 million people have been helped with this life changing drug from Chantix. You could be that next person!

How does Chantix (varenicline) tablets help smokers to quit smoking?

Firstly, varenicline helps to partially activate sites in the brain, known as nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, which are affected by the effects of nicotine consumption. This provides new ex-smokers mild nicotine-like effects and eases symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

Secondly,Chantix has the unique ability to stop nicotine from attaching to those nicotine receptors if you do smoke while using it.

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Why you should quit smoking?

Smoking is an addiction that can only cause more harm than good to your health and can also affect your personal life. This habit has proven to deteriorate the human body both physically and psychologically.

One of the key ingredients used in tobacco is nicotine, which is a mood-altering drug and is just one among many other harmful chemicals. Some of the harmful health hazards are mentioned below;

Lung disease:

Smoking affects the lung health and can deteriorate the normal function of vital organs like the lungs in your body, leading to breathing difficulties and even cancer, COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and even exacerbate an asthma attack.

A CDC official report shows that 90% (or 9 out of 10) of all lung cancer deaths and 80% (or 8 out of 10) of all deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), is caused due to smoking.

Heart disease:

The harmful chemicals from smoking can cause atherosclerosis or plaque formation in the inner lining of the blood vessels causing harm to the normal flow of blood that transports vital nutrients and oxygen to every area in the human body for normal functioning.

An important study published by the BMJ Journals clearly indicate a substantial evidence of an association between active smoking and PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease).

Peripheral Artery Disease can increase the risk of causing blood clots, angina (chest pain), heart attack or even a stroke.

Weak immune system:

Your body depends on the immune system, its natural defense mechanism to fight away infection causing microbes. A poor immunity can welcome frequent flu, fever, poor memory, body aches, lethargy and various other health problems.

A key factor of poor immunity, is it causes inflammation which gives rise to several chronic diseases like obesity, Type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and many other metabolic disorders.

A study released by PMC in 2012, reveals the effects of smoking on immunity causing both pro-inflammatory and suppressive effects, further confirming the effects of smoking to inflammation.

7 Quit Smoking Tips:

1. Keep yourself engaged:

A review of scientific studies has proven reading, engaging in exercises or taking your pet outside for a walk helps you to quit smoking due to busy scheduling.

2. Identify when you crave for smoking:

This could be when you gather for parties out with friends or your workplace. Avoid such meetings or take a break and go out for a walk. Cravings can last 5 minutes. Create a 5 min break strategy and motivate yourself about the benefits for this initiative.

3. Make a determined plan to quit smoking:

Take an initiative and set a date. Work hard and stay determined to hold to your promise. Whenever you find yourself in stress or show withdrawal symptoms, say to yourself, “I won’t even have a single drag”, and stick with this until the cravings pass.”

4. Remember previous positive episodes or situations:

Motivate yourself by taking a peek into your past, about the positives you may have endured during tough situations. Remind yourself that you are a fighter. Say to yourself, if you could fight off those tough times, you can accomplish this fight as well.

5. Seek professional help or family support:

There is nothing to be ashamed of to seek help and being honest about a good cause. Did you know that you’re up to 4 times more likely to quit successfully with their expert help and advice?

6. Make new non-smoking friends:

Making new social contacts is a great step forward. Especially when these friends are not in the habit of smoking. Being in their company could also motivate you. Open up to them that you are trying to fight off this habit. They will appreciate you for this healthy decision and try to assist you to quit smoking faster.

7. Keep your hands and mouth engaged:

When the craving gets too hard to resist, keeping your hands and mouth busy with something is a great strategy to fight off the craving. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) can double your chances of success. Lozenges, gum or holding e-cigarettes in your hand have proven to help fight off craving.

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