How to get rid of depression without medication?

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With increasing challenges in life, it has become difficult to manage work-life balance in life. Due to imbalanced life, we tend to get stressed and this continuous stress may make you land into depression. It is very important to realize that you’re into depression; else it can make your situation worse. Once you start feeling that you have lost interest in daily activities, like doing household chores, meeting friends and want to stay alone in a room then don’t wait, as these are early depression symptoms. Go ahead and seek help. Don’t think you have lost it, it’s only who can do it.

How to get rid of depression without medication?

It is wrongly believed that depression can only be treated through medication, but this is not entirely true. It depends entirely on an individual.

Following the below-mentioned points can help you get out of a depressing state of mind in no time naturally:

Follow a routine: It is very important to maintain a daily routine, when in depression. It may look challenging initially, but things will fall in place slowly and gradually.

Set a target: It’s tough to feel that you can’t achieve anything, but that’s not true. All you require is focus and effort. Hence, decide on a daily target and try to achieve it. This will help you boost your lost confidence level.

Exercise: Your part of the daily routine should also include exercises. By exercise, we don’t ask you to run a marathon, but yes a daily 30 minutes walk or yoga can be of huge help. Exercises help in producing happy hormones like endorphins, which can help you feel good the entire day.

Opt for a healthy diet: Opting for a healthy diet not only helps you stay fit but in shape too. Bad eating habits may lead to weight gain and that further can cause stress and depression. So, try to be consciously aware of what you’re choosing to eat.

Complete your sleep hour: Depression and sleep are interlinked. A depressed mind can’t sleep peacefully, while sound sleep can lower your depression levels. So, it is suggested by the doctors to sleep and wake up on time on a daily basis. Stay away from all the distractions, like mobiles, TV sets and laptops while trying to sleep.

Control negativity: Fighting against depression is a mental challenge. You require a lot of strength to control negative thoughts; it’s tough but not impossible. Take it is as a part of your depression treatment and try to overcome it by diverting your mind. Do what you enjoy the most. Like read a book, listen to songs and sing along, meet a friend, plan your day productively. The idea is to break the rut.

Medication: Though depression can be treated naturally it depends on an individual’s condition. Depending on your condition, a doctor can suggest Depression medications (Like- Lexapro, Prozac, Zoloft, etc.) that are temporary. So, following a routine with your daily medication can help you finally defeat it.

Take ownership: Being depressed makes you run away from responsibilities both at work and at home too. Taking up responsibilities can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, if you’re not willing to take a full-time job, start with part-time job responsibility.

Enjoy your life: Enjoying life seems difficult when you’re surrounded by the clouds of depression. But you should keep trying; do things that bring you happiness, even though little, but still, it will make a huge difference in your life.

Sit under direct sunlight: Exposing yourself to direct sunlight can help you boost your mood. This can also help in increasing the level of Vitamin D in the body, as its deficiency can make you feel depressed.

Get a hormone test done: If you feel this can be due to hormonal misbalance then getting a test done should be your first step. Consult a doctor and get the relevant tests done. The tests that your doctor will suggest are sex hormone test, adrenal, and thyroid gland test.

If after following the above routine, you still feel depressed and nothing seems to work for you then going for a depression test would not be a wrong thing to do. A doctor, if required, will suggest you a few Depression medications (Like- Lexapro, Prozac, Zoloft, etc.) to help you sail through it. Also, believe that this is just a phase and will go away with determination.