COVID 19 Vaccine: Common asked questions about Corona Vaccine

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Nowadays everyone must be having lots of queries about COVID-19 and the vaccines being developed in order to prevent it. Here, you can find an assemblage of some common queries. Ask your Covid 19 medicine questions here and get the recent Covid 19 vaccine updates.

What types of Covid 19 vaccines are being tested?

A lot of approaches to Covid 19 medication are currently being tested. They involve both tried-and-trues as well as novel strategies. All these trials includes: Inactivated vaccine, Subunit vaccine, Weakened, live viral vaccine, Replicating viral vector vaccine, Non-replicating viral vector vaccine, DNA vaccine, mRNA vaccine.

Which type of Covid 19 treatment is most likely to work?

It is most likely that more than one of these strategies will work, but until big clinical trials are completed, we can’t be sure. Similarly, the diverse strategies may have diverse strengths as well as weaknesses. For instance, mRNA or DNA vaccines are much quicker in terms of producability, but neither has been used to productively produce a vaccine that has been used in individuals.

Alternatively, killed viral vaccines as well as live, weakened viral vaccines have been made used in people safely and effectually for majority of years, but they take longer to produce.

Over and above differences in how long it takes to manufacture diverse types of COVID-19 vaccines, each type may also lead to the immune system to respond in a different manner. Understanding the immune responses that are created will be vital for shaping whether added (booster) doses will be required or not, how long vaccine receivers will be guarded, and if one form gives benefits over another.

What if I need intensive care?

The WHO approximates one person in 20 will require intensive care treatment, which may involve being sedated as well as put on a ventilator.

It will take a huge recovery time in an intensive or critical care unit (ICU), regardless of what the illness. Patients are moved to a regular ward before going home.

What do you mean by convalescent plasma and why is it being investigated as a COVID-19 treatment?

Convalescent plasma is nothing but liquid part of blood that we collect from patients who have recently recovered from COVID-19. COVID-19 patients develop antibodies against this virus in their blood. Antibodies are nothing but proteins that help in fending off the infection.

Convalescent plasma is being examined as a treatment for Coronavirus as there is currently no approved treatment for this illness and there are few facts that indicate it might assist few patients in recovering from COVID-19.

Further study is still essential for determining if convalescent plasma may cut down the duration of ailment, lower down the morbidity, or prevent death related to COVID-19.

Has FDA approved Remdesivir to treat COVID-19?

No. Remdesivir is an investigational antiviral medication and is not currently FDA-approved for treating or preventing any diseases, such as COVID-19. As Remdesivir may likely aid very ill patients, the FDA is letting this medicine to be provided to hospitalized patients with serious COVID-19 under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) issued May 1, 2020.

On the other hand, final data from clinical trials involved in an FDA application for approval are thought to be essential for people in order to determine whether the medication is safe as well as effectual in treatment of novel COVID-19.

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