How to Distract yourself from Stress During Covid19?

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During this unprecedented pandemic, people are confused from not just from the sudden change in atmosphere around them. But also, from the numerous information being gathered from every source they can get their hands on. Let’s face it, when we are exposed to a new environment, so sudden and abrupt.

Everyone is been going through a state of shock, looking for a solution to overcome it. This is why a distraction from anxiety or stress during covid-19 pandemic, has become a necessity.

There are a ton of ways, to get started. It’s true, easier said than done right? I get it. But it has to happen sometime sooner than later. Running away from a problem is not the solution. You need to overcome it. Think positive and move forward, never look back. So, let us look at a few ways to avoid stress and covid19 fear by staying pre-occupied;

Keep yourself Engaged to release stress during Covid:

This would be a great start to do something you never had the time to do, before the lockdown. Perhaps you were too busy or never felt like it, during the time. Whatever the reasons be, motivating yourself to complete a long pending task will do you wonders in many ways than one.

We all know that our smartphone doesn’t need much to win anyone’s attention. It is an attention seeker to people of all ages. Instead, try something new. Whatever your interest be, take the initiative to step up and keep yourself busy for just a few hours during a day.

Gardening or working with plant life:

For most of you, this may already be a favorite pastime. For those who haven’t yet started, I would really recommend this hobby. This would be a really good opportunity to learn and interact with an essential part of nature.

Be it flowers or just tending to a vegetable garden. We all share an instant connection with one of the most bountiful gifts of nature. It has the energy to emotionally connect and provide a sense of comfort or even as food to nourish us.

Experimenting a new cooking recipe:

This could be from a cookbook you read recently, or from a YouTube video you happened to notice. Surprises come from different ways, even surprising would be the fact that you would be brave enough to apply it in your life, by doing it yourself. It’s always one thing to notice something and an entirely different experience to put it into practice.

Imagine the relief and joy if it turned out to be a success in the end. It would be worth the effort. Even if it turned into another alien result, it still would be worth your while. Because now, you know at least where you went wrong earlier and give it another shot.

Conversation with a confidante to release stress during Covid:

If you are one the lucky ones, who share moments and your experience with someone you trust, good on you. If you don’t, it is never too late to find that someone. It could be a family member or an old friend or even a kind colleague you work with back at work.

The fact of the matter is, during this lockdown people have realized how important social connections can be. A feeling of loneliness and psychological distress can quickly grasp you unaware during this pandemic. If you are a shy person, you could still meet new people on the internet. I am sure there are many who feel and understand your exact situation and are seeking out to make a new friend.

I would like to sum up with these few options and round it all up by saying, you are not alone. Free yourself from stress induced depression and comorbidities. For you to achieve it, all it takes is the will to move forward and open that door to let the light in.

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