Generic Drugs Are 90% Cheaper Than Brand Drugs

Brand-name drugs are trade made and are protected by a patent. When a pharmaceutical company introduces a new drug on the market, it spends a lot of money on the research and development of that drug, along with its marketing and promotion. A patent allows exclusive rights to the company to sell that particular drug. This patent is for a predefined time period which depends on the drug’s molecule. During this time, the pharmaceutical company gets a chance to recover its expenses done for the research and development of the drug. When the patent expires, a generic version of that drug could be developed under the FDA  regulations. This generic version of the medicine can be made by the same company or a different company.

The primary reason generic drugs are cheaper than the brand drugs is that the pharmaceutical companies that develop generic drugs do not have to invest time and money in developing these drugs. Generic drugs are copies of their brand-name drugs, which has already undergone the process of research and development. Thus, it is very important to note that the generic drugs are cheaper not because they are of a lesser quality than their brand-name counterparts, but because of the aforementioned reasons. A generic drug has the same active ingredient as its brand-name drugs and has the same therapeutic effect in the body. Thus, the generic drug is bioequivalent of its brand-name drug. In other words, there is no significant variation between these two drugs in terms of rate and extent of absorption.

In addition, the generic drugs should also be similar to its brand-name counterparts in terms of dosage type, dosage strength, route of administration and amount of drug delivered in the bloodstream. The testing standards of the drugs should also be the same and the manufacturers of generic drugs have to oblige to the FDA rule and regulations in order to produce and sell generic drugs. However, generic drugs could be different from their brand-name drugs in terms of shape, color, and packaging. But this should not affect the functioning and effect of the drug. 

Furthermore, the biggest advantage of buying generic drugs is the price. These drugs are 90% cheaper compared to their brand-name drugs, with the same effects. Also, the generic drugs cannot be marketed at a price that is higher than the brand-name drugs. Hence, it would be a smart choice to switch to generic drugs, as these drugs are safe and one can confidently take them. However, a medicine change should be discussed with your doctor first. You may ask your doctor to write a prescription for generic drugs.

You can buy generic drugs from local pharmacies as well as from online pharmacies. With the continued popularity of the internet, one can conveniently order medicines online and get them delivered at their doorstep. MedsEngage is one such verified online pharmacy which aims at providing you the best quality medicines at affordable rates.


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