Tips for Saving on Prescription Drugs

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Prescription Drugs cost more in the U.S. than almost anywhere else in the world. There are several reasons why prescription drugs are so expensive. Some of the reasons are the high costs for research and development of the drug, marketing, and promotion, exclusivity of the drug and drugs for a small number of people.

Medication can be very expensive; however, with a little extra effort, you can end up saving money on your prescription drugs bill. Here are some clever ways to save your money.

Compare Prices:

Check the prices of drugs at different pharmacies in the retail stores as well as online. There are often discounts on prescription drugs online, which can help you save huge. However, make sure to find a legitimate online pharmacy and order your medicines from one so as to keep a track of drug-to-drug interactions. There are many genuine online pharmacies that offer a discount prescription. is one of the best online Canadian pharmacy for low price prescriptions.

Ask for Generic Drugs:

You can ask your doctor if a generic medicine is available instead of the brand name drug. This is because generic drugs cost less than brand-name drugs with the same effect. Thus it would be wise to ask for a generic prescription as they are affordable prescription drugs. One can get a generic prescription by searching salt name (generic name) at

Check Your Formulary:

A copayment of two similar drugs can be highly different depending on your insurer’s list of medications covered (formulary). In order to avoid paying for the expensive drug, ask your doctor to list the top three choices whenever he/she prescribes a new drug. Check the copayment for each drug with your insurer and choose your best option.

Divide and Conquer:

According to Derek J. Fitterson, founder and CEO of Medical Cost Advocate in Wyckoff, N.J., some of the clients had learned a trick to save money on prescription drugs. They used to ask their doctors for a double-strength prescription and then took half a pill. With this, they used to save money as well as get the benefit of the drug.

Maintain a Healthy Weight:

If you are overweight, your medical expenses are going to increase in order to treat conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Thus good health will help you cut back on prescription drugs.

Use Preventive Care:

Due to the Affordable Care Act, people can make the most preventive series such as mammograms, colonoscopies, and vaccines, which may lessen your chances of taking multiple prescription medications. Keep in mind the above-mentioned tips in order to save money on your prescription drugs.