How to lower prescription drug prices?

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Heath care costs i.e. prescription drug costs are fastest growing and it is one of the key factors that dominate the individual or family budget and their spending. How to reduce drug cost and exploring lower-cost drug options is one of the major concerns in any household.

Below are a few basic ways which you can consider to lower prescription drug prices to some extent:

1. Talk to your doctor:

Though it sounds obvious most people do not talk to their doctor about the prescription medication and its cost. Sometimes after review, they can determine if you can stop taking any of them. So you have to take a lead and check with the doctor if a drug can be stopped or a less costly drug can be prescribed.

You may get the generic of the same branded drug with the same active ingredient for 80-85% less cost, and talking to your doctor may get your prescription for the generic than branded. According to the National Poll for Healthy Aging, 49% of people who find drugs cost very expensive did not ask their doctors about less expensive options.

However, those who asked, doctors recommended the less expensive alternative two out of three times. Hence, it is always recommended to talk to the doctor it may save you thousands of dollars in a year.

2. Check on pharmacy for the price:

The price of the prescription drugs may vary from one pharmacy to another based on the retail price offered by them. So how much the drug will cost you depends on the pharmacy you will pick up your prescription drug from even if it in the same town as other pharmacies.

Always check for the drug price and also if any discounts they can offer. Requesting the discount may save you some additional bucks so always take a lead and ask.

3. Consider online resources to check and shop:

Consider online resources before filling the prescription for a Canadian pharmacy online. Several resources offer on prescription drug price comparison across pharmacies along with discount cards and coupons which can be used to lower the drug prices to some extent.

These Visit websites to see the list of pharmaceutical companies that offer assistance programs and, and for pharmacy price comparison, discounts, and coupons for major drugs.

4. Look for 90-day prescription:

Buying the 90-days’ supply instead of every month is much cheaper than buying it every month. It is specifically true for medications needed to treat chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure where the regular medication is required to continue the treatment. By ordering 90-day supply you can also skip multiple co-pays which can be more if you pay three co-pays for every 30-day supply.

Follow the above mentioned basic ways to lower the prescription drugs cost and save you some money. You can also order them from to get them at an affordable price. We also offer 90-day supply once your order request is received and the prescription is verified and approved.