How to find discount on prescription drugs without insurance?

Online Pharmacy Prescription Discount

Studies reveal that around 8% of Americans cannot afford many prescription drugs, even though they pay a hefty sum for medical insurance. Are you among them? Don’t fret! Here’s how you can get discounts on prescription without insurance…

Prescription drug prices have been steadily rising by 10% or more every year, in the last decade, especially in the US. To top it, many global pharmaceutical manufacturers leave us with very few options, when it comes to purchasing medicines on a limited budget. Unfortunately, unexpected health hikes come at a time when the cost of other domestic items is gradually decreasing.

In a shocking discovery, a research group investigated 175 local pharmacies in St. Louis and found that prescription drug prices show great variation in different neighborhoods around the city. They surveyed 22 independently-owned pharmacies and 153 retail stores to receive price quotes for digoxin, carvedilol, and lisinopril (generic heart failure drugs).

The prices were almost similar for a 3-month pack. However, individual and median prices fluctuated between $20.19 and $256.77 for lower doses of the three aforementioned drugs (Source: Discount Drug Network). It just shows the wretched state of the healthcare industry.

Why Drug Prices Fluctuate?

Drug manufacturers raise prices every year, arguing that they need profits for further drug developments. Also, the involvement of drug retailers, insurers, pharmacy benefit managers, distributors and several other middlemen in the pharmacy system make it more complicated and expensive.

Considering that drug prices are unreasonable, many citizens get medical coverage to cover their drug expenses. It may seem the easy way out, but consumers do not realize that medicines cost more with an insurance plan than without it. You are manipulated into thinking that you are getting discount prescription drugs.

Why are Insurance Companies More Expensive?

Insurance agents negotiate prices for various branded medicines and a few generic meds with the manufacturers on behalf of consumers. Sadly, companies focus on overall insurance costs and handle multiple accounts for different customers.

Therefore, agents get different price quotes for drugs sold by different companies rather than obtaining the lowest price and applying it to all drug deals. The end result is that insurers pay different prices to different companies at different locations.

Rather, you can get a discount on prescription without insurance if you order 90-day supplies from reputed online stores.

Why should you Buy Prescription Medicines from an Online Pharmacy?

Online pharmacies, in many countries, are licensed by the state board of pharmacy or an equivalent body to distribute and sell medicines in different regions. For instance, in countries like the Netherlands, only pharmacies and doctors are responsible for prescribing and supplying drugs.

How to verify if Online Pharmacy is Reliable?

If you are planning to order discount prescription drugs online, you ought to consider the following factors—

  • A reliable pharmacist will ask for a prescription from a licensed healthcare professional.
  • It will be able to provide you with a physical location for their outlets.
  • It will be able to answer your questions and advise you on drug usage, effects, benefits, downsides and side effects.
  • It will provide you the option to talk to a licensed pharmacist or doctor to solve your issues.
  • They will safely package and supply you the required drugs at reasonable prices.
  • They do not sell any drugs that violate the US CSA (Controlled Substances Act).

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