5 Ways to Stay Healthy in Cold and Snowy Weather

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The winter season is full of events that keep us busy in the planning and preparation of family dinners, holiday parties and buying gifts for our family and friends. In the event of preparation and enjoyment this cold snowy weather season, we tend to forget to focus on our health. Your baby can bring in germs while going out to play or you can even carry germs by traveling in any public transport; where commuters tend to sneeze and cough. This is how you tend to catch a cold and flu, stomach infections, etc.

You can avoid influenza, infections and other flues by just following simple steps mentioned below-

1. Clean your hands regularly

Washing your hands on a regular basis before touching the food or your face can help you stay protected against various diseases. In research, a report clearly suggested that educating children on hand washing can help keep illnesses like colds, flues, allergies at bay. Almost an improvement in the health condition of 15-20% of the general population is seen by washing hands regularly.

Educating your kids on washing hands before entering a class, after going to the restroom and before having food can help them stay away from communicable diseases. Hence, hand washing should be practiced as a part of your daily routine

2. Sleeping adequately

It is very important to complete your sleep to have a healthy start of the day. Improper sleeping habits can decrease your immunity level that can reduce your body’s ability to fight against various allergies and flues. So, instead of watching television or working on laptop on odd hours try sleeping on time. Your body while at sleep is at restoring and rebuilding phase; this further helps fight off various illnesses.

3. Eat a healthy diet and exercise 

It is difficult to move out that cosy space from your bed during a chilly day, but this habit can affect your immune system. As being lazy and cosy with hardly any movement can decrease your digestion process, which increases the chance of heartburn and acidity. Hence, exercising on a regular basis is important. Basic exercises like brisk walking, yoga, stretches, and jogging can help your body stay active and warm.

However, exercising alone cannot do magic, eating a healthy diet is equally necessary. We try to switch to food items rich in sugar, hence digesting sugar items take time and are unhealthy too. Instead, try snacking on healthy bars, salads, food rich in protein and low in carbs.

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4. Add Vitamins

The lack of sun rays during winters can lead to decreased immune health. To maintain your body’s immunity it is important to add vitamins that tend to decrease during winters. Intake of vitamin C, D, A, iron, and calcium can help you stay healthy throughout the winter season.

5. Go for a flu shot

Going for a flu shot can protect you against colds and flues to a certain level, but is not a permanent solution. But flu shots for children can help them stay protected against various illnesses, as they are still building their immune health. Check with your doctor and insurance provider for these shots before opting for it.

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Implementing the above-mentioned tips can help you stay fit and active throughout the winter season. So, try to eating healthy, exercising and taking vitamins on a daily basis. Also, seek your doctor’s advice on how to keep your little one safe from winters, as they are still building their immune health. Motivate yourself to stay fit throughout this lazy season.