Apoquel (Oclacitinib)

It is used to control atopic dermatitis and pruritus associated with allergic dermatitis in dogs. Apoquel (Oclacitinib) is an anti-itch, anti-inflammatory drug that works in a novel way. Administer it twice daily (morning and night) for a short length of time for certain dogs, then reduce it to once daily. Cortisone-type medications and Atopica should not be given at the same time as Apoquel without first consulting your veterinarian.

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Brand Apoquel 5.4mg
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Brand Apoquel 5.4mg
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Brand Apoquel 16mg
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Brand Apoquel 16mg
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Brand Apoquel 16mg
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Brand Choices

Brand Apoquel 5.4mg
Product of India India Flag
Prescription Required
Manufactured by Zoetis
Brand Apoquel 5.4mg
Product of United States USA Flag
Prescription Required
Manufactured by Zoetis

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Generic options for this medication aren't available currently.

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Brand Apoquel 16mg
Product of Mauritius
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Brand Apoquel 16mg
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Brand Apoquel 16mg
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Generic options for this medication aren't available currently.



Reviewed by : Dr. Shruthi Shridhar

M.D. Physician, MSc. DFSM, CNCC

Therapeutic Class: Allergic.

Active Ingredient: Oclacitinib.

Drug Information: Apoquel is labeled for the control of pruritus associated with allergic dermatitis and the control of atopic dermatitis in dogs at least 12 months of age.

What is Apoquel?

Apoquel is used to treat skin diseases in dogs. It contains oclacitinib. It helps manage itching in dogs along with allergic dermatitis and atopy in dogs who are 12 months of age.

Oclacitinib is also known by the brand name Apoquel. It is a drug used to treat allergies in dogs, specifically canine atopic dermatitis, by reducing itching. Apoquel, in contrast to certain other canine allergy medications, is neither an antihistamine nor a steroid. Apoquel is a first-of-its-kind veterinary drug that selectively inhibits the Janus kinase

How to use Apoquel?

  • It is recommended that your dog should take two pills of Apoquel twice a day for the first 14 days. After that, the dosage should be decreased to once daily for maintenance. It can be administered with or without food; however, doing so may lessen the likelihood of G.I. adverse effects. Long-term maintenance doses of Apoquel or seasonal as-needed use are both options. It can be stopped abruptly, unlike steroids.

  • To treat dog allergies, several veterinarians and veterinary dermatologists recommend Apoquel in addition to other medications. Along with Apoquel, your allergic dog may receive topical, injectable, or other oral treatments. While alternative treatments can start working at the cause of the itching, the first two weeks of larger dosages offer excellent relief from itching.

  • Consult your veterinarian for the correct dosage. (See Apoquel dosing chart).


Weight of Dog Amount to be given
6.6 to 9lbs Half 3.6mg tablet
10 to 14.9lbs Half 5.4mg tablet
15 to 19.9lbs One 6.6mg tablet
20 to 29.9lbs One 5.4mg tablet
30 to 44.9lbs Half 16mg tablet
45 to 59.9lbs Two 5.4mg tablet
60 to 89.9lbs One 16mg tablet
90 to 129.9lbs One & Half 16mg tablet
130 to 175.9lbs Two 16mg tablet

What are the uses of Apoquel?

Apoquel helps control itching or pruritus in dogs. It is used in the management of allergic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis in dogs. Apoquel dramatically decreases itching and skin irritation, redness, or swelling.

Due to its generally milder side effects compared to those of steroids and immunosuppressive medications like prednisone and cyclosporine, Apoquel is usually prescribed by veterinarians for treating allergies in dogs. It can begin reducing irritation in as short as four to twenty-four hours.

What are the side effects of Apoquel?

Every medication has the potential to cause side effects, and Apoquel is no different. The following side effects could occur in all or some dogs using Apoquel:

  • Dermal masses

  • Decreased appetite

  • Diarrhoea

  • Lethargy

  • Vomiting

  • Decreased leucocytes

  • Reduced globulins

  • Increased cholesterol and lipases

The lesser common side effects of Apoquel include -

  • Urinary tract infections

  • Skin infections

  • Ear infections

  • Respiratory infections

  • Pneumonia

  • Neoplasia

  • Bloody diarrhoea

  • Histiocytomas

  • Demodicosis

  • Increased proneness to infections

The most frequent side effects in dogs are gastrointestinal, which may be reduced by taking the medication with meals. Your veterinarian may suggest regular blood tests to see whether Apoquel affects organ or blood cell function. Apoquel may make some dogs more susceptible to infections. You should monitor immune system function. It should not be used on dogs with a history of cancer since it can worsen malignant tumors.

Consult your veterinarian if your dog develops any of the above symptoms or if your dog suffers from a fever, shortness of breath and any other signs of infection.

What are the safety/warnings for Apoquel?

Do not use this medicine for your dog if:

  • Your dog is pregnant or nursing her puppies

  • Your dog has a history of cancer

  • Your dog is to be considered for breeding

  • Your dog has had a recent attack of demodectic mange or is prone to red and itchy skin

  • Your dog suffers from cancerous or neoplastic conditions

  • Your dog is hypersensitive to oclacitinib

  • Your dog is less than 12 months of age

  • Your dog is less than 3 kg bodyweight

  • Your dog has a history of immune suppression like hyperadrenocorticism or a history of progressive malignant neoplasia.

  • Your dog is on corticosteroids

What to do if you miss a dose of Apoquel?

  • If you miss giving your dog the usual dose, give the dose as soon as you remember.

  • If it is time for the next dose, avoid giving the missed dose and stick to the regular schedule.

  • Do not give a double dose.

Interactions of Apoquel:

Drug interactions could change how your medications function or increase the risk of side effects. Antihistamines, antibiotics, and NSAIDs are among the medications that Apoquel considers safe to take. It should be taken with other immunosuppressive medications with caution.

Apoquel is safe to take along with antibiotics, antifungals, anti-arthritis treatments, allergy shots or drops, any flea/tick/heartworm preventive, thyroid supplements, and seizure medications.

While using oclacitinib, short-term corticosteroids or cyclosporine (Atopica) is safe, but prolonged use has not been studied and is not advised.

Antihistamines, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), anti-seizure drugs, allergy immunotherapy, and vaccinations can all be taken safely together with oclacitinib. Tell your vet doctors about any medications your pet is receiving, including vitamins, supplements, and herbal treatments.

Different Dosages of Apoquel:

There are three oral dosages of Apoquel: 3.6, 5.6, and 16 mg. For dogs of most sizes, appropriate dosing is made simple by the diversity of strengths and the suggested dose range of 0.18 to 0.27 milligrammes per pound—a handy dosing chart for vets as a reference. Based on your dog's body weight and medical history, your doctor will suggest the proper dosage for them.

Overdose of Apoquel:

Keep all medications out of your dog's reach because Apoquel can cause an overdose in dogs. If your dog consumes more Apoquel than recommended, seek immediate consultation from a veterinarian. Call your neighborhood veterinarian or animal emergency center, or get in touch with a pet poison helpline or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control hotline. If the overdose happened within the last hour, the vet could advise you to induce vomiting. Your dog will probably require medical care to manage symptoms and prevent harmful effects.

What is the Apoquel Cost?

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Storage of Apoquel:

  • Do not keep the package in the bathroom or any other damp area.

  • Store the medicine in a cool, dark, dry place away from light and moisture at room temperature.

  • Keep the medicine away from the reach of children.

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How does Apoquel work?

Apoquel works by blocking "cytokines," or its molecules, in your dog. Cytokine molecules in the body cause inflammation and irritation in the area of concern when dogs are allergic to something or are experiencing seasonal allergies. The FDA has approved Oclacitinib, also known as Apoquel, an immunosuppressant medication in the Janus Kinase (JAK) inhibitor class. This medication essentially blocks the JAK-1 and -3 signaling that typically takes place when a cytokine attaches to a receptor on the cell surface.

How long does Apoquel take to work?

Apoquel relieves allergic dog itch within 4 hours and can be controlled within 24 hours. Two doses of Apoquel are administered daily for up to 14 days, followed by one dose per day for maintenance therapy. It can be used temporarily to treat flare-ups or permanently to address persistent skin conditions. Two doses of Apoquel are given daily for up to 14 days as part of treatment. One dose each day will be sufficient after the initial 14 days. You can administer Apoquel with or without food.

What is a good substitute for Apoquel?

Additionally, excellent natural alternatives to Apoquel include yucca and quercetin. Yucca has a similar impact to steroid medications without the side effects. For dogs whose itchiness is relieved by Benadryl, quercetin is a plant derivative that functions as a natural antihistamine and is a fantastic alternative.

What if a human accidentally takes Apoquel?

After handling the drug, wash your hands right away. Do not try to induce vomiting until specifically recommended. Get medical help right away in case of emergency. Dial a doctor's number or a poison control center right away.

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