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Promacta, Revolade

Formulation: Tablet

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Generic Equivalent to Promacta, Revolade

Formulation: Tablet

Promacta, Revolade


Alternate Brand Name(s) : Promacta, Revolade

Eltrombopag is a man-made form of a protein that increases production of platelets (blood-clotting cells) in your body. Eltrombopag can lower the risk of bleeding by increasing platelets in your blood.

Eltrombopag is used to prevent bleeding episodes in people with chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), a bleeding condition caused by a lack of platelets in the blood.

Eltrombopag is also used to prevent bleeding in people with chronic hepatitis C who are treated with an interferon (such as Intron A, Infergen, Pegasys, PegIntron, Rebetron, Redipen, or Sylatron).

Eltrombopag is also used to treat severe aplastic anemia after other medicines have been tried without success.

Eltrombopag is not a cure for ITP and it will not make your platelet counts normal if you have this condition.


The recommended dose is 50 mg orally once a day; increase daily dose if necessary in increments of 50 mg every two weeks

Maximum dose: 150 mg orally once a day

Treating low blood platelets in certain patients. It is also used to treat aplastic anemia in certain patients.

Eltrombopag is a thrombopoietin receptor agonist. It works by causing the bone marrow to produce more cells.


Avoid taking other medicines within 4 hours before or 4 hours after you take eltrombopag. This includes antacids, vitamins, mineral supplements, or any other product that contains aluminum, calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, or zinc.

Avoid all dairy products or products that contain calcium (including fortified fruit juice) for at least 4 hours before or 4 hours after you take eltrombopag.

Avoid activities that may increase your risk of bleeding or injury. Use extra care to prevent bleeding while shaving or brushing your teeth.


A decision should be made whether to discontinue breastfeeding or to discontinue eltrombopag, taking into account the importance of eltrombopag to the mother. Excreted into human milk: Unknown Excreted into animal milk: Yes The effects in the nursing infant are unknown.

In lactating rats, eltrombopag was detected 10 days post-partum, showing the potential for transfer during lactation.

Active Ingredient: Eltrombopag

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